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Can I divert my new number to my mobile and/or another landline number?

Can I divert my new number to my mobile and/or another landline number?

Setting up a call forward is nice and simple, to get started you'll need to go to:

My Dashboard > Voice > Inbound Settings > Routing > Add Call Route

In your call route, you'll need to select a 'Send Call to User' Routing Module, and enter the number you wish to forward to. 

Once you've added your forward in and finalised your call route, you'll need to Save Changes, and 'assign' your Call Route to your number.

Please note that we treat all call forwards as an outbound call, so these will be taken from your plan's minutes!

If you don't want to use your minutes to receive calls, then you can download our App instead! This allows calls to be taken through your mobile data or wifi connection. You can link your mobile number to your user and invite yourself to download it via text message, just go to the Apps page on the dashboard. 


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