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What are the basics of a queue notice?

What are the basics of a queue notice?

Queue Notices make up a crucial part of Fone by RadioFibre’s Call Queueing feature, they allow callers to get constant and customisable reassurance to keep them on the line, reducing the number of abandoned calls.

To get started on adding a Queue Notice head over to the dashboard Voice > Inbound Settings > Call Queuing or follow this link and swap to the 'Queue Notices' tab at the top!



1. Queue Notice Nickname - What you would like to call your Queue Notice?

2. Play Frequency - How often would you like your playlist to play?

3. Start playlist after - How long should the caller be in the queue, before the playlist starts?

4. End playlist after - How long should this playlist play for? If you set this, you'll be able to start another playlist afterwards.

5. Add audio files to playlist - Here you can select an audio file that is on your account. Hit the play button to preview the audio and the plus button to add it to your playlist.

6. 'Thanks for Holding' - This is an audio file that has been added to the playlist.



You can select this Queue Notice under your call routings 'Place The Call Into a Queue' module, as shown below.



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