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What is monitored call parking and how do I set it up?

What is monitored call parking and how do I set it up?

Most VoIP phones have customisable keys that you can set up for various functions, such as BLF (Busy Lamp Fields) and speed dials. We now also support Monitored Call Parking which means you can see if a parking slot is in use already and who is parked in which slot - this makes it much easier if you are a big team and need to know if a slot is already in use before parking your call.

To set up call monitored parking, simply set the value of that key to your parking short code (we have set up *11, *12, *13, *14 and *15 for you already) and setting the mode to 'Monitored Call Park', if your phone supports the feature.

If your phone doesn't support the feature, you can still use Regular Call Parking to park your calls using short codes.

We have been using Grandstreams and Yealinks in our office to test Monitored Call Parking, please see below for examples!


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