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What is call parking and how does it work?

What is call parking and how does it work?

What Is Call Parking?

Call parking is as the name suggests where you can park a call.  When you park a call the caller is placed on hold until you or another person takes the parked call out of its parking space!  Anyone can park or un-park a call, so it's a popular way of transferring calls in a small office where you can see each other.  "Hey Fred, there is a call for you parked on 1!"


How Does It Work?


To park or un-park a call simply dial * followed by 11 by default.  The park feature can be edited like other short codes. This parks a call in "Parking Space 1". To un-park a call (EG: Remove from hold and pick it up again) simply dial the same again from your device or another like your colleagues. EG: dial * followed by 11. We configure 5 parking spaces for you by default so you can park in space 2 by using *12, space 3, *13, and all the way up to space 5, with * 15.

If you don't like our default shortcodes for parking, remember that you can configure short codes to park and un-park a call in your dashboard at Voice > Config > Short Code.


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