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Can I set my own hold music, and where can I do this?

Can I set my own hold music, and where can I do this?

If you'd like to play your own music, please refer to the guide on adding audio.


You'll have to use either the default Hold Music Playlist given to you, or customise your own. For either of these options, you can find their configuration pages in:


My Dashboard > Voice > Audio > Playlists.


Here you'll be able to add, edit and customise your playlists.


Setting Hold Music:


You can set hold music for both Inbound and Outbound calls:


1. Outbound: Hold music can be set on a per-user basis, and this is used for outbound calls.


Go to My Dashboard > Voice > UsersUsers, and edit the desired user.


You'll see an option called "Hold Music Playlist". You'll be able to select one of your predetermined playlists here. From now on, the default hold music for this user will be this.


2. Inbound: For inbound calls, hold music playlists can be set for different call routes - you have the choice between either using the User Default (as above), in which case the hold music will be user-dependent or by choosing a unique playlist from your preset playlists on a per route basis.

To find this, navigate to My Dashboard > Voice > Inbound Settings > Routing  and edit the call route of your choice.


You'll see an option called "Hold Music" at the top - use this to set the hold music to your preferred option.


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