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Do I have to pay to call someone else on our network?

Do I have to pay to call someone else on our network?

As a Fone by RadioFibre customer with more than one user, you will no doubt want to place calls between you and your colleagues, with other telephony providers these calls can start to add up. 


With Fone by RadioFibre, however, a call between Users will not cost you anything. Whether on your desk phone, mobile app or desktop app any Fone by RadioFibre to Fone by RadioFibre call is free of charge. This is really useful for companies with users that are overseas, or remotely working. All you'll need to reach a colleague on the phone at no cost is an internet connection to your VoIP device.


This is because your call does not leave our VoIP Cloud and thus has no cost to us, so we don't charge you. Wherever both parties are located in the world the call will be free.


You will also find that calling internally is easy on our platform with each User being allocated a 3 or 4-digit extension number, you no longer have to type in long Direct Dial numbers for each member of staff and within a few buttons, you can be connected with HD call quality.


The same is true for calls to your Voicemail, calls to a Fone by RadioFibre Conference Bridge, or if you coincidentally call a client/friend who is also on Fone by RadioFibre, these are all counted as internal calls by our system.


This is a great incentive to recommend Fone by RadioFibre to others, as your future calls to them could be free!


If you have any queries about call charges to external parties please head to our Call Cost Calculator


If you need any further help today, please don't hesitate to contact our friendly support team on our support number or by email!

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