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How do I set up a Draytek with a Virgin Media Superhub?

How do I set up a Draytek with a Virgin Media Superhub?

To set up a Draytek with a Virgin Superhub, you'll first need to put the Virgin Superhub into modem mode. To do so, follow this link: How do I put my Virgin Media Hub into modem mode?

Next, head into the web configuration for the Draytek, which can be accessed via the web address, unless specified differently by your home or business network, using the default username and password admin to log in.

Navigate to WAN > General down the left-hand side, and check that the physical mode/type is set to Ethernet/Auto-negotiation for the WAN port you used - in the screenshot below, we have used WAN 2:

Step 1

Next, go to Wan > Internet Access down the left-hand side, and set the Access Mode for the WAN port you used to Static or Dynamic IP. In the screenshot below we used WAN 2 again:

Step 2

If the above is all correct and saved, reboot your Super Hub; it'll take around a minute for your Draytek to grab an IP address from your Virgin SuperHub once you've rebooted it, however after a short delay you should have internet.

Once connected, we recommend setting up Quality of Service on your Draytek in order to manage your bandwidth efficiently. Our FAQ can guide you through this process.


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