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What is a call whisper and when would I use one?

What is a call whisper and when would I use one?

In the "Send call to user/group/external number/trunk" withing the Call Routing in your Fone by RadioFibre dashboard, there is an option for "Call Whisper" where you can select an audio file.


A "Call Whisper" is a short audio file that will play on your side (The Fone by RadioFibre side) before a call is connected - the person calling in will not hear this audio file, or know that this will have been played as it's solely played to the person receiving the call on Fone by RadioFibre. 


This is especially useful for people who have multiple call forwards all going through to the same mobile device and would like to answer in the appropriate way for the number called. You can also record and upload your own custom audio to be played as the call whisper, so it can tailor to your specific requirements.


Call whisper setup

You can set that up all in the Call Routing section of your account, within the "Send call to user/group/external number/trunk".


Of course, if you use our softphone app on iOS or Android, you can see the call route nickname you set in the dashboard, so no need for a Call Whisper! 


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