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What is an emergency address and why do I need one?

What is an emergency address and why do I need one?

With a hosted voice solution such as Fone by RadioFibre, you can select a number from any geographical solution we have available. This means you could select one from a location that you don't necessarily have your business based in.


When you call the emergency services from any number, they automatically receive information regarding your location so they can connect you to the appropriate authorities for your area - this is usually sourced from the caller ID that is used for the call. However, as mentioned, you may not necessarily be in that location. 


For this reason, we give you the option to add an "Emergency Address" to any number that is added to your Fone by RadioFibre account. This means that when you call the emergency services, we send this information off to them as your address rather than just the caller ID so that they can respond as quickly to your query as possible, rather than having to spend time explaining the location. 


You can set this up in your account under Config > Addresses and assign it from in here too. We automatically assign the billing address that is added to the account as the default emergency address when you sign up. Any new purchased numbers are also assigned your default billing address as the emergency address when they're added to your Fone by RadioFibre account. 


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